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Penny Rea helped me and she can help you too. She is a Miracle Worker.

David: At 405-Pounds, “I Was Skeptical” of Hypnosis, Enjoying Salads, Fish After One Session!

When I left your office, after the hypnosis treatment, I have to be honest I was skeptical that the results would be positive. As I have tried every weight loss plan under the sun without any success. Upon entering my car, [my wife] asked me if I felt any different. I told her that I could not tell anything was different.

[She] then advised me we were going to lunch. We went to a restaurant that had a huge buffet line with all the good fattening food that I love to pile high on my plate. Then to my amazement as well as [my wife’s], I got a salad and some baked fish that I did not pile high on my plate. It tasted great and I was fully satisfied! Of yes, and thoroughly enjoyed the water I drank with my meal.

Since that day I continued to enjoy my light meals and water and never longed for the old fattening things I used to yearn for! In about 8 months, I lost down from 405 lbs to 325 lbs and at this time, I am continuing to lose and never could have done it without the hypnosis treatment from you!

Thank you so much and you can be assured that if I have any contact with people who need to lose weight I will send them straight to you to again thank you.

Yours truly,


(Sent via email)

After one session of hypnotherapy with Penny Rea Hypnosis Clinic, Johnna lost more than 90 pounds and . . . she’s kept the weight off!

Johnna was ready to lose weight, feel better, and live a healthier lifestyle.

If you are truly ready to make a change in your life, call Penny Rea right now!

Just look at the real photos of Johnna below.  Doesn’t Johnna look so proud showing off the jeans she wore before her session with Penny Rea?

Penny Rea Hypnosis Clinic

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After Only 1 Hypnosis Session with Penny Rea,

Johnna Lost 90 Pounds and Kept It Off!

Cory: “Happier Than I Have Ever Felt in My Life.”

“I came to you seeking motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the gym but instead, we worked on forgiveness and self-esteem.  

I write to you to tell you that, even though I still haven't gone to the gym, I feel better, more confident, and happier than I have ever felt in my life.  I am a vegetarian and an avid meditator.  

But, best of all, my struggle with acne is over.  Usually I stay broke out due to stress, but when the stress left, so did the acne.  My body is being cleansed and it feels amazing.  My dad and I are getting better everyday, thanks to you Penny.   Thank you, Thank you!!”

Cynthia: “No Longer Sleep Deprived”


Thank you so much for helping me to fall asleep quickly and to sleep peacefully through the night. The difference since my Hypnosis session with you is incredible. I have even recommended you to a friend.


If you are one of Penny Rea's clients and are reading this letter in her scrapbook, let it stand as a testament for what her hypnosis can do for you. 


I had a long history with difficulty in falling asleep and sleeping through the night. My energy level was down to zero and my mood was well, let's just say less than perfect.


Penny Rea helped me and she can help you, too. She is a miracle worker.   


Sincerely and no longer sleep deprived,  


Cynthia B.



Brad: IBS “Cured”


“ . . .  I was virtually a prisoner of IBS. I was constantly missing important events, arriving late to appointments and eating the blandest of foods. Working outside my home was almost impossible and taking a trip overnight was torture. I tried various doctors and cure schemes without success. The only thing that solved the problem was Hypnosis. Penny it worked!! One session and you cured me. 

Thanks so much!!   

Sam: Quit Nail Biting


For the first time in 20+ years, I have fingernails, of which I am very proud!



Testimonials from the Enormous Penny Rea Hypnosis Clinic “Thank You Book”


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